Welcome to Wholesale Body Jewellery, a leading distributor of Body Jewellery and Tattoo Supplies in the UK. Renowned as market leaders, we take pride in offering high-quality products at exceptionally competitive wholesale prices.

Our Titanium Products stand out as they are all MEDICAL GRADE ASTM F136 implant-grade titanium. Mill Certificates are readily available upon request, showcasing our commitment to transparency. We strictly adhere to European Standards, holding an annual Sheffield Assay Office Certificate of Conformity (Number 1101), and provide Nickel Release certificates on demand.

Please note that this is a TRADE WEBSITE, exclusively serving businesses. Proof of business is a prerequisite for all transactions.

At Wholesale Body Jewellery, we are dedicated to swift stock delivery. We aim to DISPATCH GOODS ON THE SAME DAY for orders placed within a reasonable timeframe with cleared funds.

With two decades of establishment and over 30 years of industry experience, we understand the intricacies of your piercing and tattooing requirements. Our global sourcing strategy and collaboration with specialist manufacturers ensure that we bring you the best and most contemporary designs. Additionally, our products comply with the EU Nickel Directive implemented in July 2001.

Our experienced team is ready to provide advice, especially for businesses venturing into body jewellery products for the first time. This includes guidance on standard sizing and best-selling lines.

To assist new customers, we offer three start-up packs: The Piercing Pack (for new studios), The Retailers Pack (for shops or stalls), and The Party Plan Pack (for home parties). Catalogues are available upon request.

If uncertainty arises, our friendly staff are here to assist you via phone or email.

"At the core of our extensive 30-years in the body piercing industry lies an unwavering dedication to our valued customers. With a history of owning and operating our own studios and retail stores, I've personally navigated the intricate dynamics of this industry. This journey includes the setting up and management of piercing studios and stores, the bespoke design of body jewellery tailored to our customers' evolving preferences, and the successful establishment of one of the biggest body jewellery wholesalers in the UK.

Our commitment to customers is not merely a promise; it is a guiding principle that defines our ethos. As we progress along this enduring path, our dedication to providing high-quality, on-trend, and inclusive designs remains unwavering. Moreover, our commitment extends to ensuring the best value and lowest prices, empowering our piercers and tattoo artists to maintain their margins and concentrate on focusing on what they do best."

- Natasha Lyons – CEO & Creative Director